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  • Our Staff

    My name is Amy. I studied Psychology in Ireland and completed my Graduate degree in Psychology with a special focus on Education in the UK. I have had the privilege of working with children inboth the USA and the UK and now I am very happy to be teaching as part of the Simba Family in the UAE.

    I believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life and should have the support that enables them to fulfil their potential. As a teacher I take theindividual needs, interests and stage of development of each child and use this information to plan a fun, challenging, relevant and motivational learning experience for each child.




     My name is Saja . I have been a teacher for 8 years.  I studied in Canada and currently obtaining my cache diploma. I have been in Abu Dhabi for 3 years. I enjoy being around children and I enjoy teaching and helping them group cognitively.

     Vygotsky’s theory is Consciousness and cognition are the end product of socialization and social behavior . Children learn through being active, I believe that children in the right environment and surrounding will grow. I am a loving , kind teacher that lets children discover their surroundings  and ways of learning .




    My name is Hadeel. I joined Simba Nursery in 2015, having previously worked at a school in Saudi Arabia for two years. I completed my bachelor degree in Business Information System at the University of Jordan.

    I enjoy working with children and how much they learn and grow. They make you laugh with the little things they say as they learn.

    I am delighted to be part of Simba!





    I am Faihaa Ayoubi, holding a computer programmer diploma from Damascus. I joined Simba Nursery in 2015. I love taking care of baby’s classroom, adore helping babies with their first steps, uttering their first letters, and hearing their giggles.

    I Love working with the kindest and professional team at Simba Nursery.





    My name is Ema and I joined Simba Nursery in February, 2017.

    I obtained my bachelor degree in Switzerland and have always had a strong passion for the education of young children.

    Growing up in Singapore and Abu Dhabi has given me the opportunity to gain a culturally diverse perspective on all things in life, and I believe it is one of the most important lessons I have learnt.

    I feel I can strongly relate to the kids given that they come from all over the world, and will have gained the same experience as I did, helping them grow and expand their knowledge. I’m dedicated in making sure they learn from me as well as their peers, through means of social interaction, and hope to inspire them to develop their creativity and independence.


    Hi, my name is Tarhata. I hold a Science degree major in Biology. I have been working at Simba Nursery since 2015 as administrative assistant. It is nice to work with people who have been very kind, compassionate, and easy to work with.

    Every day I feel truly blessed and extremely grateful to work in an environment full of little ones. Seeing them grow, play and learn give me strength and courage to do my work.

    Not many people enjoy going to work every weekday, but I definitely do!!

    I am proud to be a part of Simba. 🙂 


    Hello, my name is Mrs. Kawkgi, and I am the Managerial Director of Simba Nursery.

    I have a real passion for my job, having worked in the field of early childhood education for more than 25 years, starting as a teacher at a French school in Toronto/ Canada, igniting my passion for children’s education field at an earlier age.

    I have a Montessori diploma, a Bachelor of French Literature, as well as a Master in Early Childhood Education. I moved from Canada to the UAE 13 years ago, and Abu Dhabi has become a second home for me in the time since.

    Being around children, watching them grow and develop has had the utmost impact on my perspective on life and makes me happy in immeasurable ways.